“Steven is an excellent journalist. He contributes ahead-of-the-pack story ideas: For example, he pitched a piece on police sexual assault months before the AP released an investigation on this topic, and wrote about an overlooked aspect of sex offender laws–their impact on offenders’ family members. He’s also an elegant writer, able to produce beautiful longform stories even when he’s restricted to phone reporting. And he’s very easy to work with–responsive, and willing to do whatever extra reporting may be needed to bring a story to the next level. Any editor would be lucky to work with Steven.” Caroline Preston, Features Editor at Al Jazeera America

“Steven is an incredibly gifted and reliable reporter. He has a real knack for taking complex topics and breaking them down in way that offers our readers insightful analysis in an easily digestible manner. He’s always on time and is a responsive communicator. He’s also great through the editing process and never needs more than one round of edits. Steven is very thoughtful when it comes to pitching stories that fit our unique needs as a niche publication. Having worked with him for two years, he’s my go-to writer for complex topics. When I fear other writers might get overwhelmed or lost in the weeds, I know I can count on Steven to get the job done.” Allison Joy, Editor in Chief, Comstock’s Magazine

“For more than a year it has been my pleasure to have Steven as a part of our publication’s freelance team. His timeliness, communication and product quality make my life easy as an editor. He is a valuable asset to our magazine, and I hope to maintain our relationship far into the future. I would recommend Steven to any editor seeking a quality reporter with a knack for banking, real estate and business topics.” Christine Calvin, former Editor in Chief, Comstock’s Magazine

“Steve is one of our top reporters at The Fiscal Times, and I worked with him on over fifty articles during my time there as an editor. I can’t say enough good things about him. He always goes above and beyond the assignment, knows how to navigate tough stories, and delivers a polished piece every time. In addition to being a brilliant reporter and writer, Steve is an all-around wonderful human being and a joy to work with. I know he’ll accomplish anything he sets his mind to.” Blaire Briody, former Senior Editor at The Fiscal Times

“Steven, this is terrific. I hope I’m not the first person at Hechinger who has told you how great it is to get  copy that’s so clean and conscientious.” Jon Marcus, Higher Education Editor, The Hechinger Report

“Steven is a journalist who does not disappoint! He has great ideas & pitches and turns in clean, well-written copy on time. Additionally, he is accessible and easy to communicate with if you need him to do rewrites or changes. I would highly recommend Steven and he has written for The Crime Report numerous times over the years.” Cara Tabachnick, Deputy Director at the Center on Media, Crime and Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“The piece was fantastic; I’m glad to see it’s helping trigger a new debate.” Blake Zeff, Politics Editor, Salon.com

“Thanks, Steve. Nice piece in print and on the web this week. I hope
 you will continue to pitch us. You’re very easy to work with!” Emily Parsons, Managing Editor, The American Prospect

“GREAT piece. We’d been talking about trying to do a big project on the effects of [this issue] and when you pitched this it felt very serendipitous! It may be something we continue to look into. Thanks!” Julia Dahl, Deputy Managing Editor, The Crime Report

“I really like this—you nailed our tone, and this [service article] is very useful.” Andrew Daniels, Assistant Editor, MensHealth.com

“I assume you saw your story yesterday! I thought it turned out really well. Thanks for all your hard work!”

 Blaire Briody, Associate Editor, The Fiscal Times

“Back to you, Steve. It’s really a very good piece.” Aaron Wiener, Guest Editor, The American Prospect

Technical Writing and Proposals

“So thorough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned alot. Thank you so much.” Gail Bassin, CEO, JBS International, Inc., on draft Understanding for the winning proposal to support the provision of compliance monitoring technical assistance to the Community Service Block Grant, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grantees

“This is really fantastic. You are such a great writer.” Tori Russell, Director, Long-Term Foster Care Grantees Project, JBS International, Inc., on draft Understanding for the winning proposal to provide training and technical assistance to Children’s Bureau long-term foster care grantees

“I wanted to send a note to say THANK YOU! for helping out with the proposal. I really appreciated you making yourself available, as I know you’re a busy person with many other priorities on your plate. You did a great job for us! You are an excellent writer and I knew I could also rely on you to keep me aware of the details/requirements in the RFTO. Thank you!” Melody Roe, Director, Child Welfare Training and Technical Assistance Coordination Center, JBS International, Inc., on draft Technical Approach for recent proposal


“Steve: Thank you so much.  I have been working on your changes.  I can’t believe how fast you are!  Thanks again.” Angela Adams, Assistant Director, Child Welfare Reviews Project, JBS International, Inc.